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New Patients: Here Is What You Can
Expect On Your First Visit

On your first visit we will introduce you to our office and our style of chiropractic care.  Next, you will have a consultation with Dr. Zeagler and he will perform a chiropractic examination.  Then, you will receive the diagnostic tests and x-rays that Dr. Zeagler feels is appropriate.

Your consultation, examination, diagnostic test and x-ray data will determine what's wrong with you and whether or not we can help you.  If Dr. Zeagler feels like he can't help you, he will refer you to the appropriate physician.

On your first visit, expect to spend approximately 60 minutes.  Below is our typical first visit procedure.

Step 1: You will be given paperwork to fill out.  You can print off this paperwork on our website to fill out and bring with you if you want.  Please take the time to fill out the paperwork completely as this helps the doctor better understand your case.
Step 2: You will meet Dr. Zeagler and have a consultation.  You will be able to discuss what's going on with your health and you'll be able to ask any questions that you have.
Step 3: Dr. Zeagler will perform a chiropractic examination to determine what's going on with your body and your health.
Step 4: Dr. Zeagler will perform the diagnostic tests and x-rays he thinks will be valuable to determine the cause and diagnosis of your problem.  X-rays are one of the safest and best tests available to determine the health of the spine.
Step 5: If you require immediate attention, emergency first aid will be administered. 
Step 6: You will schedule your next appointment where you will have a brief consultation to go over the results of your examination and tests.  You will learn whether or not your case has been accepted.  If it has been accepted, your doctor will give you your chiropractic treatment plan options.
Step 7: Treatments will begin and continue as scheduled until your problem has been fully corrected or until maximum possible improvement has been obtained.



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