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What Patients Say About Dr. Zeagler's
Exclusive Health Care Services

Here are only a few examples of the testimonials
that we have on file.  These are people just like you
who have suffered from a variety of different health
problems and now enjoy a brighter, more pain free life.

"I had an accident in September of 2000 that caused me to have to retire from my job as a service technician.   I was sent to so many doctors and specialists.  No one could tell me very much or do much for me.  They just kept giving me pain medications.

Then I went see Dr. Jon Zeagler.  He diagnosed things others couldn't find.  He even took a day off from work and went with me to a specialist in Shreveport.  He did this so he could better understand my problems.

I still have problems, but to a lesser degree and I live without pain medication.  I see Dr. Jon once a week, but if I need him all I have to do is call.  He's not just my doctor, he's my friend."

Jerry K. Jordan, Sr.
Zwolle, LA
Occupation:  Retired Service Tech



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