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Services Dr. Zeagler Provides

Chiropractic Care

Dr Jon Zeagler is licensed and trained in several chiropractic techniques that eliminate pain and restore health to the body. 

Advanced Neurology Care

Dr. Zeagler has advanced post-graduate training in neurology and neurological conditions.

Nutritional Care

Dr. Zeagler provides nutritional counseling and examinations.  Based on your current situation, Dr. Zeagler will prescribe the necessary nutritional supplements to improve your health.

Dr. Zeagler recommends Standard Process nutritional supplements for his patients.


In our office we utilize physiotherapy treatments to go with your chiropractic care.  We offer hot and cold packs, ultrasound therapy, muscle stimulation, exercise therapy balls, and more.

Diagnostic Testing

Our office utilizes the most advanced computerized testing available to evaluate the health of your nervous system and muscles.  This let's us know how well your body is functioning and helps us determine your care plan.


Our office has state certified x-ray equipment.  X-rays are the safest and best way to determine the health of your spine.


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