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How Chiropractic Works

By Dr. Jon Zeagler
Natchitoches, LA

Dear Friend,

As a chiropractor, people ask me all the time, "So how does chiropractic actually work?" 

And after working with hundreds of patients and studying healing for over 10 years, I can pretty much sum it up with two wordsÖ 

Time & Repetition. 

When your body is injured or unhealthy, it takes time and repetition to restore your health.  This is the magical formula you are looking for.  You CANNOT avoid or cheat this formula. 

You want to get out of pain?  Time and repetition will get you there. 

You want to be healthier?  Time and repetition will get you there. 

Here are some examples outside of chiropractic care to show you how this works. 

Letís say you decide to get braces on your teeth.  Will your teeth get straight one month after the braces are put on?  No.  You wouldnít expect that.  Straightening teeth is a process that takes a couple years.  And during those couple years, you will visit the orthodontist each month (repetition) so that they can make the adjustments to your braces to accomplish the goal. 

How about exercise?  Can you get in shape in a week?  How about a month?  Can you get in shape by not working out?  If you want to "get in shape," I think you'd agree that you would have to exercise 3 to 4 times a week for several weeks.  If you go to the gym one time and have a great workout, it may make you feel good that day, but that doesn't mean you are "in shape."  Getting in shape is a process that takes time and repetition.

Here's another example.

Letís say you get a bacterial infection and get antibiotics to heal your infection.  Do 3 pills in one day remove the infection?  No, you usually have to take 3 pills a day for 2 weeks.  If my math is correct, thatís 42 repetitions over 14 days.  That's time and repetition.

So why do people come into my office and expect chiropractic care to get them better in only one or two adjustments or one or two weeks?  I donít know, but itís an unrealistic expectation.  Chiropractic care is no different than any of the examples I just gave you. 

Most people starting out need several adjustments a week (repetition) for several weeks (time).  This is how the body heals.  This is how health is restored.  And once youíve restored your health, the smart thing to do is keep yourself healthy by having an adjustment every month, because I think youíll agree that ignoring and not taking care of your body isnít the best idea for long term health and wellness :-) 

Just remember, healing is a PROCESS that takes time.  It is a PROCESS that requires you to repetitively do positive things for your body.

Whether itís getting chiropractic care, brushing your teeth, exercising, or eating healthy foods, the formula for success is still the same.   

Itís time and repetition. 

Have a great day!


Dr. Jon Zeagler, D.C.
Trinity Chiropractic Clinic
Natchitoches, LA





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